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Repair of apartments turnkey

Now the problem is very urgent repair turn-key apartments – new housing market is growing by unimaginable rate, but demand still greatly exceeds supply. Therefore, real estate developers do not bother performing at least a basic work such as plastering the walls. Practice shows that it is often necessary to equalize after the construction walls, ceilings and floors. Even in new buildings curvature of the walls, floors and corners is relatively large. So, qualitatively, or wallpaper paste to put the tile without the alignment of the walls is not poluchitsya. Osnovnye waste and the amount of work to repair the apartment turnkey determined based on a clear knowledge of the degree of curvature of the walls and the level of customer requirements. Moreover, the largest share of all jobs during the repair of apartments for key accounts in the plastering and spackling operation. Perform all these operations will be able to quickly and qualitatively professionaly. Vot just an example of how the work in the repair of turnkey apartments in new buildings: plumbing and wiring электроразводкавыравнивание walls and floors potolkovzalivka rastvoromukladka floor pokrytiynakleivanie wallpaper, paint and other finishing otdelkaOdnako, the repair turn-key apartment in the building is and its advantages: planning, design, level of maintenance and quality of building materials you can choose your own, at will, subject to approval of the plan vozmozhnostey. Posle own work you will not have to deal with the preparation and carrying out any work. All efforts until the harvest area, our company will undertake. You will only need one – after the repair of an apartment to live in their comfortable home, enjoying the beauty interera. Kapitalny kvartirV repairs if repairs are not carried out a long time or if you are tired of the old interior, I want to change the situation, I would like to become not just a flat place to sleep and place of complete rest, where they could relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the renovated apartments in the best way to infuse your life breath of fresh air! Choosing repair you get a little new housing, where the replacement of all communications, and Finishing performed at a high level with all of your requirements and preferences. Major repairs and decoration of apartments in Moscow and Moscow region offers a variety of companies, teams and individual artists. Many customers believe that all builders are doing major repairs of apartments is approximately the same and the difference between them is only in the timing and price. In fact, it is not. Overhaul of the apartment within a reasonable time and quality can do, not all firms. Very often it turns out that after a major overhaul is needed finishing touch flats, alteration, and even the dismantling of the paid work carelessly. Major repairs must be performed not only in time, but the work itself should be as